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Come and visit us to discover a world of new experiences!

Easter Week for all the family

Grape juice and Easter Eggs for the Little ones, wines and chocolates for the adults.

Come with the kids and enjoy a day full of emotions ... whilst the adults get to know Albet i Noya, the little ones can have fun painting and decorating Easter Eggs! Sweet wine tasting with chocolates, and grape juice for the kids, will make the day a finger-licking family experience!

Price: 11 adults/nens gratut €

  • April
  • Dates: 4,5,6

Visit to the cellar

Come and get to know what we do, how we do it and what it tastes like.
We will introduce you to our story, how we started in ecological wine producing, we will take you on a route around the cellar and, to finish off, tasting of three wines from whites, reds and sparkling.

Price: 9 €
Available all year

Taste the experiment!

We will introduce you to our old variety recovery project and we will try unique wines.
Since 1997 we have been working on a very interesting research project. The study of different varieties found out in the open, have led us to discover very interesting grape varieties: come and taste the results. (8 people minimum)

Price: 18 €
Available all year

Technical visit

If you want to get in-depth knowledge about ecological wine producing and the elaboration of our wines, then this is your visit.
A very specialised visit that is given by the cellars oenologist and co-owner that will let you discover the origins of Can Vendrell, working the vines and elaboration. A very personalised experience for all those who want deeper knowledge about the world of wines. (20 people minimum)

Price: 23 €
Available all year

Come to Albet i Noya on a burricleta

Come and visit us on an electric bike. You can spend the day as you like amongst the vineyards.
From Vilafranca we have designed a burricleta route to come and visit us. The burricleta is an electric bike that allows you to enjoy the vine-growing landscapes of this region effortlessly! Fill the saddlebags and spend a day outside amongst the vines and vineyards!

Price: 39.90 €
Available all year

A double Eno-artistic experience

Two visits and two very different styles: wines and cavas in a very artistic environment.
If you like wines, cavas, the vine-growing landscapes and art, we offer you the chance to visit two cellars in one day or on different days at a special price. You will taste a total of 6 wines in the middle of a very artistic and very natural environment.

Price: 17 €
Available all year

Sant Pau d'Ordal: taste it!

Wines and gastronomy: a perfect combination.
Come and visit us at the cellar and complement your visit with a haut cuisine lunch in one of the best restaurants in Sant Pau d'Ordal. Two activities that combine to perfection and that will delight your five senses!

Price: 36.30 €
Available all year

Segway vineyard tour and visit to the winery

Visit the Albet i Noya vineyards by Segway, followed by a visit to the winery and tasting of 3 wines.
Discover the coolest way to tour our vineyards. Take an hour-long guided tour through the Albet i Noya vineyards on a Segway. With our feet back on the ground, we will continue with a visit to the winery to learn how our wines are made and finish with a tasting of three different wines. (minimum 6 people)

Price: 69 €
Available all year

Wines and Chocolate: Put all 5 senses to the test!

Enjoy two different complementary visits, putting all five senses to the test.
At our winery you will discover how we make our organic wines, from the harvest through to the bottling of the wine. We will end the visit with a tasting of 3 wines.

At the Simn Coll Chocolate Experience, we will take you through the origens, culture, history and elaboration process of Simon Coll chocolate. We will also show you how to taste chocolate.

Price: 11 €
Available all year

Other activities at the cellar

For Sant Jordi (St. George's Day), wines, roses and literature

Come and enjoy a cultural pairing: wines, rose-petal marmalade and poems.
On the occasion of Sant Jordi (St. Georges Day), after visiting the cellar, we will try the wines and combine them with rose-petal marmalade. A unique and different aromatic experience! Moreover, we cant forget about literature ... if you are a romantic and a bit daring, recite a poem for us and you will get a prize!

Price: 11 €

  • April
  • Dates: 26, 27

Walks along the dry-stone wall edges and breakfast amongst the vineyards

Get a close look at how dry-stone walls are made and enjoy a walk and breakfast amongst the vineyards.
We will explain the very old technique about dry-stone wall construction and we will take a walk along the edges of the walls that have been reconstructed around our estate. A good breakfast in the fields amongst the vines will add the finishing touch to a traditional and interactive day.

Price: 17 €

  • May

Tapa route through the Ordal Peach Market

You will try peach tapas specially combined with our wines.
Taking advantage of the fact that the peach is the star product these summer months in Ordal, we present the 2nd Tapas Route in the restaurants of Sant Pau d'Ordal. After visiting the cellar we go down to the village to try the peach tapas specially designed for us and we combine them with the wines from our cellar. (4 people minimum)

Price: 16 €

  • June
  • , July
  • Dates: 22/6, 28/6, 6/7, 12/7, 20/7

Places, grape picking season

We will see the workings of the cellar during the grape picking season. The most exciting period!
We will talk to the workers and get first-hand know-how about what we do during this very special season. We will try varieties of recently collected grapes, we will visit the pressing area, the laboratory, the vineyard ... all the cellars places in full action. (4 people minimum)

Price: 17 €

  • August
  • , September

Open Days

Now you have the chance to get to know our cellar for free.
This date has already become a classic. Every year most of the cellars in Peneds open their doors this day so that whoever wants to can visit us for free. Well, but you should book beforehand just the same.

Price: 0 €

  • Octuber

Dry-stone wall construction course

Professionals from the Majorcan school will teach us how to make walls just as they were made in ancient times.
This will be a two-day intensive course in which two maestros will come and teach us the techniques of this ancient trade, nearly forgotten in our region and which has contributed so much to creating an incalculable agricultural and landscape heritage in the stoniest and steepest lands in Peneds.

Price: 50 €

  • November

TV3 Tele-Marathon

To celebrate this day we offer you various workshops with recycled material from the cellar.
This year we would like to propose workshops related to recycling. One of them will be making wooden boxes for birds.

The activities are free but Albet i Noya will donate 10 per person to the Marat TV3

Price: 0 €

  • November
  • Dates: 29

Enoturisme PenedèsAny de Turisme Familiar a Catalunya

Opening hours:

Weekdays: 9am, 10.30am, 12am, 15pm and 4:30pm
Saturday and holidays: 10am, 11:30am and 13pm.
We suggest booking in advanced.
Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English
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